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SAQ Consult will turn your dark and weak areas into your most valuable strength. With our expert solutions, you'll see your business unleashing its true potential.
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Today's market is full of competition and challenges. We at SAQ Consult ensure you to keep up with any challenge you may come across and be the leader of the game.
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We at SAQ Consult believe that a business is a philosophy of science. Ensuring quality and accuracy of work each time we deliver has become our hobby at SAQ Consult. 

SAQ Consult Overview

SAQConsult is Oil & Gas EPC Consultant, Engineering, Project Support/Logistics and Professional support arrangement provider. We are specialized in “mix and match” of needs and supply to provide the most effective solution with minimum cost and effort.

With over 3 decades of experience in oil and gas field, we expertise in providing services listed below.

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All The Services We Provide For You

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Total Quality Management (TQM) consists of all services from engineering deliverable, procurement process, vendor inspection and material shipping & receiving.

Our QA/QC activities are tailored to meet specfic needs that includes various services ranging from reviewing of material test reports to inspection of coatings and much more

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HSEM is a process that starts as early as the FEED stage. However, most of the activities are focused on during construction planning and execution. We provide all required services to ensure safe environment for workers and assets including QRA, SIL studies.

On the other hand, HSE management in construction site can be executed by in-house resources with close coordination with site management.

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Environmental Study and Implementation Management:

Environmental studies are specialized work that needs well skilled people to conduct it and to ensure its implementation. Accordingly, we hired our Consultants to source out the services and manage it professionally. Our Consultants have more than 40 years of accumulative experience in this field.

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Project Management Support and Consultation is one of the most interested fields for SAQ Consult. This is one of our strength and where we can add value to the customer.

We are a team of highly focused project management professionals who are expertized in the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.

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Facilities commissioning and turnover starts as early as the beginning of detailed design. It is a build-on process. To have smooth turn over, all books, records and certificates of completion needs to be well planned and structured and completed.

SAQ Gulf experience in Commissioning and its well established consultant data base encourage us to give very details description of the process.

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SAQ Consult provides various services under Systems automation & Control system. We're into manufacturing, designing, installation, configuration, Testing & Commissioning, Construction & Manpower supply.

With over 2 decades of experience n automation from design/concept to commissioning and over 3 decades of expertise in Oil & Gas industry we're one of the leading consulting group.

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We have more than 130 persons already working with clients in Saudi Arabia. Staff are from Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, EU and Australia. Most of the task force consists of engineers and highly skilled workers and all are in oil and gas industries.

We are ready to supply manpower within 45 days of request. At present we have spare visa as well as arrangement with other suppliers to provide required manpower at short notice.

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There are a lot of very specialized engineering works that needs to be done by very specialized personnel using highly equipped facilities and high tech expensive equipment, but it is rarely that one company will use such service more than couple of times a year.

Therefore, we have established communication and arranged preliminary arrangement to utilize such institutes. 

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The SAQ Consult

The huge network of contacts and well familiar with the market and being working for one of the largest oil company in the world and managing multi-billion dollars’ projects exposed SAQConsult to the leader of EPC contractors in the world as well as services providers.

We are specialized in “mix and match” of needs and supply to provide the most effective solution with minimum cost and effort.

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SAQConsult is Oil and Gas EPC Consultant, Engineering, Project Support/Logistics and Professional support arrangement provider.