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Facility Commissioning and Turn over

Facility Commissioning and Turn over

Facilities commissioning and turnover starts as early as the beginning of detailed design. It is a build-on process. To have smooth turn over, all books, records and certificates of completion needs to be well planned and structured and completed.

Work Break Structure (WBS) is a key element of success. Accordingly the commissioning team needs to be part of the WBS effort in the early stage.Therefore, we assign well experience person with the contractor team in the beginning and augment the commissioning team until construction starts and team will be mobilized to site to continue the turnover package and finalize the commissioning procedure and get it approved by authorized client staff.

Team will reach its peak at pre-commissioning start and will continue until facility start up is over and client has accepted the facility and received all records.

SAQ Gulf Experience

SAQ Gulf experience in Commissioning and its well established consultant data base encourage us to give very details description of the process.

Commissioning is very critical part of any project and it needs a very serious effort from the beginning.

In addition, Commissioning is a complete project life effort. A good commissioning starts with a good plan. It starts as early as the engineering phase and continues until performance test are successfully concluded and facilities are completely turned over to the end user including all punch list items are cleared , all project documents & manuals, procedures and drawings are finalized and submitted to client.

Scope Of Services

Attached is details description of Scope of Services for Commissioning Team through project life cycle.

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